Welcome to the Common & Base sports cards website. This website was created as an outlet for my personal and "hobby" business. In which I would like to make it feel like a Local Card Shop where there is selling, trading, and talking about sports cards.

    I have several different avenues to entertain with in the hobby so feel free to browse and check them out!

(Ok, pretending I have a store)
 I also created these 2 groups.
Collector's Club which is for trading, talk, and light sales & Throwback Breaks the name should say what goes on there.
 Check out some of the personal collection on YouTube!
Here is the latest video.

What's Going On?

Throwback Breaks
    Currently the Throwback Breaks are on shipping & packing hiatus, while also getting a new job. So things are a bit hectic.
  However things will come back to speed with a Break Box filling. 24 packs of cards, 5 Break boxes with an autograph cards. Tentative date 8/11/2018.
   So stay tune for that.
Throwback Break On Twitter
   On August 1, Throwback breaks had it first break on Twitter. Wasn't to bad, one viewer. So only time will tell if more collectors take advantage of the breaks.
   Although it was nice to do it on another platform to broaden The Throwback Break horizons.
 Working on a new trade system
    For those who know me well, I am not a great trader because I don't know what I want until I see it.
    There are time, I have no idea what to offer. So I was thinking of utilizing my website still to do some trade and track them as well.
      However that can be quite time consuming so..... I may decide to just stick with photos on Facebook.