Welcome to the Common & Base Sports Cards website.
           Common & Base Sports Cards is not a brick & mortar location, nor is a business.  Hello, my name is Diego and I'm a sports card collector (hoarder is more exact). Like every collector, we have to let go of some cards via trading or selling. So I turned to eBay to sell, I tried to think of a good name for my eBay listing and noticed all my cards were just base cards. Base Sports Cards was taken. I said to myself, base cards were called commons before so I tied the name together and made Common & Base sports cards. Which later became CBsc_NJ for short on eBay. Just to be different the C and the B are in caps and the s and c for sports cards is lower case.
          The lack of sales, however led me away from eBay selling, but I ended up making this free website. To help provide additional information to other collectors, link site in which my cards are listed, and list information for the unique breaks I do. CBsc, also heads up 2 groups. One is strictly for selling breaks, and cards, the other is to provide collectors like myself a place to show off, sell, and trade with like-minded collectors. These groups are CBsc Collector's Club and CBsc Throwback Breaks. Both are on the Facebook social media platform. CBsc is also active on YouTube to archive breaks, and soon Sports Card D-tor (Detour) will make a comeback for personal videos about my collection.
            So enjoy the website and feel free to join me in any of my social media platform. (See bottom of the page for links)


       All broadcast are done on Facebook LIVE, typically at 9 pm est. on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday nights. However if a special time was required it would be announced with the Facebook group.

      Please note that live audience is not require for the break to proceed!

    Common & Base sports cards, are going to be introducing for a limited time only,a football version of the Breaker's Dozen Blaster. With 12 packs inside and will be accompanied by a jumbo, hanger, or even a blaster. So stay tuned collectors!

CBsc's Diego Torres is a Ryne Sandberg collector and sponsors the page on Trading Card Database.  Although trying to register every Sandberg card he owns is incomplete. You can check out what cards have already been accounted for and what is still needed to help the Sandberg Collection.

Try Trading Card Database for yourself. It is a great way to help you keep track of your collection, or help let people know what you have available.

Don't forget to follow Diego on Trading Card Database , when you start registering your collection. [ Follow Diego ]

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