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     Welcome to the website that host the Man Cave named Common & Base Sports Cards.

     Like many collectors, I had dream of one day owning a store. A place where both my friends and other collectors can hang out, open packs, talk about cards as well as life. Then the reality that there are bills for the overhead. Then electric, phone, and the cost to buy products and collections. Made it all but a dream.

    In today's modern world we have the technology to live dreams to an extent. When my oldest son moved out, I made his room my man cave. In the man cave, I started sorting my collection while watching sports, or YouTube.

    When you start sorting, you start to think about letting go of a few things. So I opened an eBay account and started selling some cards here and there. I also began breaking in there. 

     The name of my man cave came later when I posted pictures on Facebook and the guys were like man it looks like a card shop. So I started to call it, Common & Base Sports Cards. Which came to be   I love all cards old, new, and even the "ERA".  I thought well, I like the commons, which are now called base, so Common & Base Sports Cards.

    Don't get me wrong, I like all cards. Relics, autographs, and numbered cards are awesome, but what makes 75% of my collection is the Common & Base.

   The breaks develop into Throwback Breaks. A Common & Base Sports Card service. I gather up packs from random years, brands, and levels, to open them up and share the teams with collectors in my group by the same name.

    I shop for anything that can keep the breaks cheap, yet fun to participate in. Now I have quite a bit of packs, so the variety is there to enjoy. Check out the "Breaks" tab to see what we have.

   Feel free to check out the site's page and check out my showcases below. Although I'm not actively looking to sell, I will entertain offers for the cards.

Thanks for visiting!



    To see the cards by sports feel free to use the links above. Like the majority of local card shops, these cards are being displayed to peak your interest. Although these are not actively being sold, offers are welcome.

    On the right of each showcase is a multiple selection form called the "Offer Sheet". With this tool you can select one or multiple cards to make an offer one. Unfortunately, it is offer sheet per sport.

    If you are curious on what to offer, check eBay sold items, or book value. The perfect offer would lay some where in that range unless the cards is a CBsc favorite. However, that would be address after the offer submission. Most approvals or counter offers will come with a PayPal invoice. So you can pay.

   Trade offers are also reviewed, however the process might be a bit tougher.

   For any other questions contact me "cbsc_mail@yahoo.com"

     Common & Base Sports Cards invites you to join the Facebook group called the Collector's Club. This club has an assortment of collector's, 90's era fans, set builders, player collectors and more.

     The selling in the group is limited to help interaction for trading and showcasing cards or recent pick ups.

     Once you are joined in with the club you are automatically accepted, if you request to join the Throwback Break page. Click the logo to get there.

  To join in on the fun of breaking with CBsc. Join the group and help fill breaks when posted. Click the logo to get to the group.

Common & Base Sports Cards is not a real store. It is just a man cave in which a collector stores his cards.
CBsc does sell cards on eBay, and other marketplaces under CBsc_NJ or other variances of the Common & Base Sports cards name.

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Baseball Showcase

Next Showcase Basketball ❱

      Welcome to the Baseball Showcase the website is being revamp. So the showcase will be be filled in slowly. Now when you visit the showcase you will be able to click on the card and a link to our store will pop up (powered by ebluejay) from there you can view more or I still accept offers for trade or sale. Contact me at cbsc_mail@yahoo.com.

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Basketball Showcase

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Football Showcase

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Wrestling Showcase

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