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   Common & Base Sports Card, is the main site to provide additional for groups on the Facebook social media site.  The groups are the Collector's Club & Throwback Breaks, each are administrated by "CBsc"(Common & Base sports cards). The groups were planted in other groups, but the came into its own in 2017, since then the group is self governing and a good place to go to talk about any type of cards. With limitations on selling, this keeps the groups steered towards talk and trading rather than 20 sales post a day.

    With that thought in mind, CBsc created Throwback Breaks, this allows is only for the use of CBsc to sell breaks. This way those who wanted to buy into breaks or buy cards from CBsc, are alerted separately from those who enjoy the traditional form of the Collector's Club. However on occasions a post or video will be shared. Just to see if anyone new wants in.

     To join the Collector's Club follow the link & answer the 3 questions for automatic approval.   [ CBsc Collector's Club ]

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       All broadcast are done on Facebook LIVE, typically at 9 pm est. on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday nights. However if a special time was required it would be announced with the Facebook group.

      Please note that live audience is not require for the break to proceed!


    Watch the latest archived videos here via YouTube feed. This connected video has been sped up and edited to get you through the break in a few minutes.  This will also allow you access to watch the full length archived breaks on YouTube.  Click on and subscribe to the channel and look in playlist. (Videos are Unlisted)

    So enjoy on either platform.


CBsc's own Diego Torres is a Ryne Sandberg collector and sponsors the page on Trading Card Database.  Although trying to register every Sandberg card he owns is incomplete, it's still a great way to see what cards how been obtain so far.

Follow Diego on Trading Card Database and register your collection. [ Follow Diego ]

CBsc Repackaged Products

Custom Products
What is a Throwback Break Box?
The "Throwback Break Box" consist of a minimum 20 randomly selected packs for the Common & Base sports cards inventory. Typically the packs are gathered by pairs or 3's, so that more teams are covered in the pack's distribution to the collectors, who bought in to said break.

The inventory of which the content is pulled from consist of packs range from 1987 through today's retail products. Yet you will also find a few hobby packs in the mix. The contents of the Throwback Break Box, does often feature a lot more of the years of card mass production. These are use to keep the cost lower and the card distribution quantity higher.

These custom made box also contain custom made packs inside which consist of item in the Common & Base sports cards collection. Often since, packs like 1969, 1999-2009, and high end product of today would prove to be costly, these packs were made offer the collects at a chance at some cards they may have not had a chance to get.

The content of the Throwback Break Box, may not be for everyone, but it is certain a few collectors would enjoy it.

What is a Breaker's Dozen Blaster Box?

The "Breaker's Dozen" is basically the same as the Throwback Box except the quantity is only 12 packs. One of which is the a Throwback Repack pack.
This box is usually have a variety of packs within, as compared to the Throwback Break box. Since most packs are usually paired up in 2's or 3's.
However both types of boxes seem to run the same amount of time in breaking. LOL

What is a Throwback Repack or Throwback Staxx pack?

These packs are made with cards from my personal collection, which I will also call the CBsc collection. I gather up some autographs, relics, random cards from sets, or player themed packs, and place them into packaging.

The silver packs are made to go into the custom boxes made by CBsc (me) and the red packs are for the Staxx. The differnce in the two package is the silver is gear towards giving cards out to multiple collectors. As to where the Throwback stack are with an individual getting them. For example, the player themed packs are only in Staxx pack and product like team USA cards, or Panini Contenders are in there to not have to try and figure out who the player belongs too.

A third repacked product may happen in due time.

   These content of the custom boxes where made to try and cover every decade from 1980's on, if possible. Some product are harder to find so those packs may replace the decade that is missing.