Welcome to the Common & Base sports cards website. This website was created as an outlet for my personal and "hobby" business. In which I would like to make it feel like a Local Card Shop where there is selling, trading, and talking about sports cards.

    I have several different avenues to entertain with in the hobby so feel free to browse and check them out!

(Ok, pretending I have a store)

Check down below for current news about CBsc.
 I also created these 2 groups.
Collector's Club which is for trading, talk, and light sales & Throwback Breaks the name should say what goes on there. In this group, members buy spots and I open up self made boxes contain random packs that could range from 1983 through 2018. To keep the breaks cheap it is heavy on the "ERA" wax, mixed in is some retail, hobby and even the chance of a grab packs, gather from shows, cards shops or other. Both groups are to help enjoy the hobby!

Check out some of the personal collection on YouTube! Here is the latest video.

What's Going On?

Throwback Breaks
  Currently doing some auctions throughout November & December to raise some funds to buy even more boxes of unopened packs. To create my Throwback Breaks Random Pack Boxes. 
  Twenty four random packs ranging from 1986 thru 2018. Retail, hobby, grab packs, and more. All the brands are in there.
eBay Store Update.
    I am hoping to start listing items on eBay this coming November. Probably going to let get as much as I can listed for sale on the bay.
   I have had some breaking good sales but it has been cumbersome to fill. Hopefully I can find some success with it again.
 Working on a new trade system
   So the new CBsc trade system of placing pages of cards available for trade has hit 100 pages of cards.
  With great results, I have leads into several trades that will help my collecting needs.
   If you are a trader than go to the Collector's Club Facebook group. A start looking through the selection today.
Sports Cards D-tor
   This is my personal collection channel on YouTube. There is mostly things like recent buys, breaks buys, and trades.
The attempt to organize the collection is slow to start getting content about my collection. But it will get there. See the video above.